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3 Jun , 2016  

While it seems that the “white shoes only after Memorial Day” laws are now outdated, there’s still going to be wardrobe changes going on now that we’re moving closer to summer.  And that means some closet re-vamping! To help you out, I’ll take you on a little tour-de-fashion-apps! We’ll find you some crave-worthy clothes, put together head turning outfits and also clear out that closet to put cash in your pockets!

The Hunt (free on iOS and Android): Have you ever walked by someone wearing a killer outfit?  Or perhaps came across an envy-worthy ensemble while surfing Instagram? I seem to have these “Wow I wish I had that in my closet…” moments daily. Well, stop wishing and start taking pictures!  The Hunt helps you get those dream clothes just by posting a picture!  For every posted picture, other users will post links to the actual items, or as close as they can find, so you can purchase it with just a click!  There are thousands of users in this community, all helping you find the clothes you covet.

Polyvore (free on iOS and Android): While I would like to claim that I always make clothing purchases with the entirety of my wardrobe in mind, I’d be lying.  I have often fallen victim to impulse purchases that leave me wondering “What in the world am I going to wear with this!?” With the Polyvore app, I can do the matching on an app instead of in my head!  With a few simple clicks, you can create style collages that will let you see if all your choices match perfectly. You can also see trending and popular collages with each article of clothing having a connected link that brings you straight to the store page so you can again, add that perfect piece to your closet.

Vinted (free on iOS and Android): Now that you’ve got a full closet of stylish new clothes, it’s time to clear out those clothes you never wear anymore and get money for them! With the Vinted app users can post pictures of items they want to sell or swap for other pieces of clothing. You can easily set a price for each item and interested customers message you directly in the app.  Once an offer has been made you send the items in the mail and rake in the cash!

Now the only problem left is the classic chicken-or-egg dilemma; which comes first, space in the closet or new clothes!?

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