Facebook Messenger: How long should you hold out??

22 Aug , 2014  

If you chat with others on Facebook, you’ve likely gone through a bit of a hassle this week with the decision of installing Facebook Messenger!  You might have seen the warnings to your privacy but also dealt with the hassle of NOT having it!  

Yeah, me too!

Here’s the thing, according to Facebook, Tech Crunch, Forbes and just about everyone who’s written about this, we are going to be FORCED OUT of chatting within our Facebook mobile apps. The only thing that isn’t clear is if we will continue to be able to chat within the desktop and tablet versions of Facebook, which thus far have avoided the strongarm of the Messenger app!
If you are annoyed by this, you are in good company.  Forget the fact that the messenger app is invasive (more on that later), I simply DON’T WANT another app to have to open!  This coming from the girl who LOVES her apps!  I mean, my point is I already have a chat app that I use and Facebook messaging was just for things related to Facebook.  Even Facebook’s main ad for the app is silly, with the tagline “Get your messages instantly”.  Um, hello!  I already DO get my messages instantly!!
It makes sense that Facebook wants to own more of our mobile time, though.  The company is looking to unbundle many of the features within Facebook into freestanding apps.  This explains much about why they purchased WhatsApp for almost $20 billion.  I guess this will put that purchase to use.
Now, looking at privacy issues which is the topic of many gripes having to do with Messenger App.  The app IS invasive, honestly.  But, guess what, it is actually NO MORE invasive than Facebook itself.  In fact, their Terms of Service are the same.  So, it is true that the app accesses your texts and SMS messages, your microphone, your pictures and just about everything on your phone.  But chances are, Facebook already has access to that if you have the original app on your phone.
I personally am still holding out on downloading the Messenger app.  There are a few workarounds that you can use for now.
How about you?  Have you downloaded this?  What are your thoughts?


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