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Emoji Lovers Rejoice!

29 Mar , 2017  

Let’s be honest, everyone loves texting and the best part of texting is finding the perfect use for emojis! Well this week I have exciting news that is bound to improve your emoji-world!

New emojis are coming!!! According to Unicode, the organization responsible for choosing new emojis, we should anticipate 69 new emojis coming this June!  Expect to see various new facial expressions, foods and animals added to the collection.  Want specifics?  How about a T-Rex, a sandwich, a giraffe and an expression to use when your mind’s blown! They are also including gender-neutral representations of young, middle-aged and elderly people to cover the current gap in the aging men and women emojis. Now there will be emojis no matter who you are! I can’t wait to see which new emoji becomes the most used and gains popularity.

While we wait for these new emojis to be released, it’s probably a good idea to check out what the current emojis actually mean with Emojipedia! Emojipedia is a site dedicated to all things emoji. It details the “official name” of each emoji, other commonly used names, the intended meaning, and what they look like on different apps and platforms. For some emojis, the site even gives interesting facts and background information. For example: the cry-laughing emoji page (yes, it has its own PAGE,) explains that the Oxford English Dictionary deemed the symbol the “2015 word of the year” due to it’s massive popularity! So check out the Emojipedia website, you never know what you’ll learn about your favorite emoji!

Speaking of, which IS your favorite emoji?


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