Emerging Apps from CES 2013

9 Jan , 2013  

CES is bursting at the seams with fresh technology and apps are now hitting more than just your phones!  I appeared on Mommy Loves Tech live chat at CES, hosted by BlogWorld at NMX.

The big app trend buzzing around CES is automotive apps.  Car companies have put out a call to developers to create apps that are going to make smart vehicles even more brilliant!  Traffic, weather and voice assistants will be at the touch of the fingertips.  Talk about your car being even smarter than you, AT&T; had their big Developer Summit yesterday and CEO of AT&T; Mobility, Ralph de la Vega, announced that they have partnered with GM to create an app so that your car will let you know the most efficient avenue (no pun intended) to run your errands.
Now on to my favorite new app emerging from CES… the stress buster!  HeartMath announced today their release of a stress-monitoring app called “Inner Balance.”  The app is apparently going to monitor your heart rate and when it goes too high, the app will give you tips to help you distress.  The trend is so popular, an app developer at the Developers Summit won an award for an app concept called “Good Times.”  The concept of the app is that based on your brainwaves, the app will decide which calls to let through determined by your stress levels.  Your boss calling to yell at you?… straight to voicemail.


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