Election Night Apps: 4 Apps to Download before the results are in!

6 Nov , 2012  

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is almost upon us.  Tonight we will be glued to our screens with baited breath, awaiting the results of the Presidential Election.  For those of you wanting more information than just the TV news, try these 4 election apps out:

Crunching Numbers:  
Voting is extremely important, but when it comes down to it the electoral votes determine the winner.  Download the free app ELECTORAL VOTE POLLS to track poll numbers for Presidential, Senate and House elections. 
Anything’s Possible:  
Curious about how certain states can sway the outcomes?  ELECTION 2012 offers an intuitive interface where users can check possible election outcomes by changing states from blue to red.  Check out poll results by state, history of state voting and create a best case scenario for your candidate choice.
Game Break:  
Things could get a little tense tonight if you are hanging with a bipartisan group.  Break the ice with VOTE!!!, a fun, free app that pits cartoons of Obama and Romney in a virtual duel complete with light sabers, presidential costumes and battles on the White House front lawn.  
Hot Off The Press:  
Most news outlets carry the latest Election Day coverage on their apps.  Use your favorite station’s if you already have it downloaded, or try out one of these top players:  CBS News, Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC.
Go VOTE if you haven’t yet, and enjoy the historic evening!


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