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DEAL DAY! Paid Apps You Can Get For FREE

16 Apr , 2015  

I love trying out new apps.  Even ones that don’t really have sticking power can be fun to try for a bit.  The downside of this, of course, is when apps charge to try them out!  Some paid apps are definitely better than the free offerings, but how do you KNOW unless you try it?

Well, friends, today I bring you three Paid Apps that are giving free downloads!  These specials are only available for a limited time, so hurry and check them out!

1) Split (Normally $1.99)
Split has been featured on Apple as “Best New App” and certainly has me doing a double take!  Forgive the pun, but Split lets users view two screens on their mobile device at one time.  This multi-window app experience is new for iPhones and iPads and is super helpful for multi-tasking!

2) Fleksy Keyboard (Normally $0.99)
Officially the fastest keyboard in the world, Fleksy is a playful, customizable way to add color and features to your keyboard!  Easily find and send GIFs, and make your keyboard uniquely you with extensions and themes.  Fun AND free!

3) Ring: The Puzzle (Normally $1.99)
If you like puzzle games, you’ll like Ring.  The concept is quick to pick up in early stages, simply guiding balls to their same color rings in the lease possible moves.  Later stages get increasingly difficult.  And the free download is hard to beat!!

Hurry before the limited time free download is expired!


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