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Cyber Monday is Here!

30 Nov , 2015  

Well the turkey has turned into leftover turkey sandwiches and the Black Friday craziness is over.  But never fear if you were too stuffed with Turkey to get out of bed early Friday morning for an early doorbuster deal.  Cyber Monday is here, and I’ve got a couple apps to help you break through the noise of amazing sales and low prices!

It is always great to use feeder-sites, and I’ve previously covered some recommendations of great ones.  But there are also some store-specific apps that have super-helpful features you won’t want to miss.  Here are three of the best, from some of the most popular shopping destinations:
Target (Free on iOS and Android)
Target is featuring a promotion this year called “10 days of deals”.  You can check out the daily deals and either get free standard shipping through Christmas (according to the Android app page) OR make a list before trekking to the store.  If you are headed into the Target store, check out the app function that tells you each item’s location in a cool 3D store map!
Walmart (Free on iOS and Android)
Walmart’s app will do all the searching and daily deal alerts that Target’s app will.  It has one SUPER cool feature, though, that definitely makes it stand out.  Walmart’s Savings Catcher comes into play after you’ve done your shopping.  Scan your receipt and for days after your shopping trip, the app with monitor your purchases to make sure you got the best prices possible. If the items you bought are available in other retail outlets for a lower price, it will automatically rebate the difference to your account!  Pretty cool, huh!?
Amazon (Free on iOS and Android)
Okay, you probably already have the Amazon app.  But don’t forget to give it special attention for Cyber Monday.  Two features of the app are my favorites around this time of year.  First of all, if I am shopping in any store I can use the Amazon app to check products and see if I can get them cheaper online.  Usually, you can!  Second is Amazon Lightning Deals.  These are fast moving price cuts that I check in on at all hours, there’s always something new on sale!
Do you have a fave app for deals?

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