Chocolates, Flowers, Cupcakes. Yes, please!!

9 May , 2013  

Sending mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift is about to get a whole lot easier, and tastier!
H.Bloom, the same service that delivered floral arrangements anywhere in the US, has launched a new app, just in time for Mother’s Day.  The app offers delivery of H.Bloom’s signature floral arrangements but also offers a variety of gifts that would make any Mama smile: chocolates, Sprinkles cupcakes, candles, and macaroons.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about this.  
But back to the app.  It’s free (yay!) and is super easy to use.  You can download, browse, select and schedule a delivery all in a matter of five minutes.  So get going, Mama needs some macaroons!  And send me some too while you are at it!


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