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Celebs Throwing Shady Glances: Oscars Edition

1 Mar , 2016  

Hollywood’s biggest night took over social media last night as the 88th Academy Awards took the stage.

The talk of the night was certainly Leonardo DiCaprio and his win for best actor.  This became the most talked-about moment on Facebook and even overtook Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 record-breaking selfie as the most-tweeted Academy Awards moment ever!

And beyond Leo, we had a whole NEW slew of my latest obsession: Celebrities Throwing Shady Glances!

The Oscar for Shadiest Glance Moment goes to: The stuffy aisle of tuxedo-clad men!
Yup, that’s right, a whole aisle!  Jenny Bevan won her second Oscar for Best Costume Designer (this time for Mad Max).  As she strode down the row to receive her award, it seemed the entire aisle gave her shade!  Men dressed to the nines in the typical Oscar-worthy tuxedos weren’t even clapping as they looked her up and down.  Seems like they were not too fond of her casual attire, as she was wearing a leather jacket, casual top and minimal makeup.  SHADY!!! On a side-note, I say KUDOS to Jenny for being herself and wearing whatever she wanted to!!

The Shadiest Glance Honorable Mention (yeah, that’s not really an Oscars thing, but we’ll go with it!) goes to Chrissy Teigen!  Chrissy’s faces have been memes before, notably after making overly expressive faces at the Golden Globes.  Her cringe-worthy face last night was aired after Sarah Silverman came onto stage, but Chrissy later tweeted that she was making the face about an earlier joke about Black History Month, not about Sarah!

Did you see any other glances you thought should be nominated for “Shadiest Glance“?  Which do you think was the shadiest?

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