Celebs & Apps: Christina MIlian & StopAttack

1 May , 2015  

Celebrities and apps are two of my favorite things.  So, when you combine celebrities who love apps with apps that make our lives safer, you’ve just put me over the edge!

That is the case with today’s featured app, STOP-ATTACK.  This app, which has attracted attention from mega-celebrity Christina Milian, helps put a stop to assaults, police brutality, rape and violence.
The app is an assault-response system, that when activated becomes a “virtual witness to assaults“.  The press of a button will allow audio and visual recording of whatever is happening to you at that moment.  This content will then be uploaded to the cloud where it can be used to persecute, if necessary, and can also be sent to trusted contacts along with your GPS location to help ensure your safety.
Another clever feature within STOP-ATTACK is the alarm functionality.  Users can set the app to have alerts activate the flashlight and a loud piercing siren from your phone, to further aid in escaping a dangerous situation.
To join Christina Milian in supporting this potentially life-saving app, checkout Stop Attack.  You can also download the app on iOS or Android for $3.99 a year.
I think the STOP-ATTACK app would be a smart purchase to get for yourself and a loved one.   What do you think of the STOP-ATTACK app?  Who would you gift this app to?


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