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App for Colorblindness!

18 Nov , 2016  

Imagine not being able to see the fall leaves change color from green to red. Bummer, right? Well, this type of colorblindness affects a lot of people, about 8% of men and 1% of women. I’m sure we all know a couple of people who are colorblind- and this app is dedicated to them! “Color Binoculars” is a brand new app from […]

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Getting a Job Just Got Easier!

11 Nov , 2016  

Finding a job can be difficult and frustrating.  This is especially true during the end of the year.  According to CareerBuilder.com, the job market is very volatile this time of year, with October being a great time to land a job, November and December being extremely slow due to the holidays, and January picking back up as […]

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Vine is Shutting Down. What’s going to happen with your favorite Vines?

4 Nov , 2016  

I hate goodbyes.  Really, I do.  Saying goodbye to once-popular apps is no different for me.  So, you can imagine my response when I heard the news about Vine- the once mega-popular video looping app.  Sadly, our favorite Vines may be gone forever! It is hard to believe but the entire Vine app is coming to […]


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Is Pokemon Go Coming Back From The Dead?!?

28 Oct , 2016  

Happy Halloween! Is anyone out there still playing Pokemon Go?  While there may not be as much hype for the game as there was when it was first released, don’t think that the game is dead… it may even be coming back from the grave! Pokemon Go was ground breaking success after its launch in […]

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Popular New Phone Banned From Airplanes!

19 Oct , 2016  

Imagine getting stopped by airport security and having your phone taken away. Then imagine being fined or charged with criminal charges just for having it! Sound like a ridiculous nightmare? Well, this is what would happen if you try to take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onto any flight in the United States. Back in August, the Samsung Galaxy […]


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Packages Delivered Inside Your Home?!?

5 Oct , 2016  

Would you give Amazon a key to your house if it meant safer packages? It is still amazing to me that I can get just about anything delivered to my door in a day with Amazon Prime.  But now, Amazon wants to start delivering packages not just to our front doors, but behind them! Some of […]

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Self-Driving Taxis: The Uber vs. Google Race

16 Sep , 2016  

The driver-less car is no longer a thing of the future.  The future is now.  Many companies have been on the race toward this elusive goal, but this week Uber took a huge step in making it a reality. Uber invited some of its most loyal Pittsburg customers to experience the first ever self-driving Ubers.  Why Pittsburgh? […]

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Labor Day Weekend Apps

2 Sep , 2016  

WOOHOO it’s Labor Day weekend! Here are some helpful apps to help you in all your weekend plans. Pack Point– Headed on a weekend trip?  This free app for both Apple and Android generates a packing list to help you remember everything you need to take on your excursion. Chose how many days you will […]

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