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Packages Delivered Inside Your Home?!?

5 Oct , 2016  

Would you give Amazon a key to your house if it meant safer packages? It is still amazing to me that I can get just about anything delivered to my door in a day with Amazon Prime.  But now, Amazon wants to start delivering packages not just to our front doors, but behind them! Some of […]

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The Power of Social Media

29 Jul , 2016  

It is easy to think of  ways that social media makes our day-to-day lives easier.  From chatting with friends and sharing photos, to keeping current on the news.  Even so, sometimes we forget exactly how powerful and far reaching these platforms can be. Social media has the power to effect global economic issues and help thousands of […]

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Windows Users at Risk: Uninstall Quicktime to Protect Your Computer

19 Apr , 2016  

Computer viruses are a pain and a half.  So, when the US Government warns against one, we should probably take notice!  So, if you have a Windows computer, or know someone who does, listen up! These computers are at risk according to The Department of Homeland Security who said that any Windows users that have QuickTime […]

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International Women’s Day

8 Mar , 2016  

It is International Women’s Day and I’m loving all the female-focused social media that I’m seeing today. If there is ONE thing I want to urge you to do today, whether you are man or woman, it is to participate in the official International Women’s Day #PledgeForParity. The hashtag was trending earlier today, and while […]

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Baby Names inspired by INSTAGRAM!

2 Dec , 2015  

Lux.  Ludwig.  Valencia. These words might sound familiar to you for two reasons. Chances are, you either remember them as the name of your Instagram filter, or of your friend’s new baby! According to the list of top baby names of 2015 (released by earlier today), there has been a huge rise in baby names […]

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Uber Gets MADD

30 Jan , 2015  

Here at Casey & Sayre, obviously, we love technology. We also recognize that with new technologies come new ways they can be well-used or misused.