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Best Tech Finds Under $50

24 Dec , 2016  

You have ONE day.  Seriously, guys, if you haven’t gotten all your Christmas shopping done yet, you are really running it to the wire.  I am guessing you need a little inspiration!  And what better to inspire you than my FAVORITE tech finds, all under $50.   Check these out for your loved ones… or yourself […]

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These apps give deals and freebies, IF YOU VOTE!

8 Nov , 2016  

KIt is voting day! I don’t know about you, but I think this election season has been incredibly crazy and I almost can’t believe it will be OVER after today. I hope you are all practicing your right to VOTE today! And you get EXTRA goodies if you show your “I Voted” sticker or bracelets […]

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DEAL DAY! Paid Apps You Can Get For FREE

16 Apr , 2015  

I love trying out new apps.  Even ones that don’t really have sticking power can be fun to try for a bit.  The downside of this, of course, is when apps charge to try them out!  Some paid apps are definitely better than the free offerings, but how do you KNOW unless you try it?