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The Power of Social Media

29 Jul , 2016  

It is easy to think of  ways that social media makes our day-to-day lives easier.  From chatting with friends and sharing photos, to keeping current on the news.  Even so, sometimes we forget exactly how powerful and far reaching these platforms can be. Social media has the power to effect global economic issues and help thousands of […]

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Reddit’s New App

27 May , 2016  

Reddit junkies around the world are breathing a bit easier now that Reddit has released it’s first official app.  Fans have been asking for this for awhile, and now that it is finally here, the app has been getting some mixed reviews.  Let’s take a look at the new app’s features and you can decide for […]

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Instagram’s Update: new look has users shook!

13 May , 2016  

Practically everyone who has a smart phone uses Instagram, so when there is an update, it affects a lot of people. And wow, people are affected! Yesterday, Instagram unveiled one of its biggest updates ever.  The company changed its trademark icon as well as the appearance of the entire app, touting that the new design is simplified and puts more […]

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Quick Guide to Snapchat

5 May , 2016  

People are always asking me how to use Snapchat, so here we go! When you open the app, it will immediately open on the camera.  On the top of the screen there are three icons: (L to R) the flash, the Snapchat logo and the camera rotator. There is a “sometimes Y” rule here, because […]

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