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Connect with Businesses and Politicians Directly!

15 Jun , 2017  

When something goes wrong, whether its with your laptop or your local community, it can be hard to get in touch with the people with actual answers; well that’s all about to change!  Apple and Facebook are releasing new features to help us better connect with the right answers at the right time. APPLE “BUSINESS […]

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Dog Lover Apps

9 Jun , 2017  

When you’re a dog lover like I am, you always want to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy, even when life gets busy. Pet owners know that their animal buddies are at the center of their world! This week I have three apps that are perfect for any dog owner! When you […]

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Fidget Spinner Apps…. Really??!!

26 May , 2017  

People are going crazy for fidget spinners.  These stress-relieving handheld spinners are popping up all over the place. Do you get it?  Why!?  Okay, so crazier things have been trends but I haven’t bought a fidget spinner yet, and I predict that in a month you won’t see many more around. But that doesn’t stop […]

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New “Slow” Dating App For Real Connection

23 May , 2017  

Swiping left or right on selfies has pretty much become synonymous with online dating these days.  Of course, it is normal to want to see someone you might go on a date with.  Even so, many dating app users seem to think today’s matching services are only skin deep.  Well, I’ve got the inside scoop […]

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Alexa Has a New Job: Fashion Advisor!

12 May , 2017  

How many times have you stared aimlessly at your closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear,” despite it being filled with hundreds of different options? Yeah… me too. Well, the popular AI assistant, Alexa, has a new job that is meant to help you in that exact moment: Fashion Advisor. Yes, Amazon is set to release […]

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Google Email Scam!

10 May , 2017  

Usually I can sniff out a spam email from a mile away.  Some Royal Price down on his luck or the ultimate-life cruises that I spontaneously won, yeah right.   I’m on to you spammers.  Well, there’s an email scam that’s been going around recently that is much harder to spot and has been tricking a lot of people. I’m going to […]

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Can Google Guess Your Drawing?

25 Apr , 2017  

I was always terrible at win lose or draw. I would scribble a line with some circles on it… and in my mind, it was OBVIOUSLY a dog. To everyone else though, not so much. While I haven’t gotten much better at drawing over the years, technology is advancing to help a sister out! Case […]

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The Future of Facebook

21 Apr , 2017  

Every year Facebook holds a developer conference called “F8” to discuss its future plans and what developers can expect moving forward. F8 just happened this week and it covered some cool new ideas! Facebook’s focus at F8 was all about Augmented Reality (AR)! It set a goal to “change every smartphone into an AR experience.” […]

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