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Can Google Guess Your Drawing?

25 Apr , 2017  

I was always terrible at win lose or draw. I would scribble a line with some circles on it… and in my mind, it was OBVIOUSLY a dog. To everyone else though, not so much.

While I haven’t gotten much better at drawing over the years, technology is advancing to help a sister out! Case in point: Google’s new AutoDraw site that uses machine learning to guess what you are drawing in real time! AutoDraw’s guesses are displayed as small images that look like fully detailed icons of what you scribbled out. By clicking on an icon, you can replace your drawing with the computer’s. Now my “line and circle” drawing actually DOES look like a dog!

AutoDraw was created to help users draw simple pictures faster. Anyone can search for an image of a cat but there’s nothing that lets you quickly create a drawing of a cat. With AutoDraw, you can easily make a good-looking birthday card, a page for kids to color or a minimalist party invitation all by just drawing. This type of illustration helps communicate ideas faster and is just plain fun!

Google predicts that this website will continue to improve the accuracy of its illustration matches, better learning what people are drawing and inspring more amazing programs in the future! AutoDraw is a completely free website that is designed to work on any device: phone, laptop, desktop and tablet. So go test your drawing skills and you’ll be surprised on how quick it will guess!

AutoDraw is fun and addicting to play around with, it’s interesting to see how terrible your scribbles can be and still get an accurate guess.  You’ll be hooked!


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