Bring the Thrill Of The Olympic Games To Your Own Workout!

9 Aug , 2012  

Watching the Olympics is thrilling and addicting!  Some nights I stay up far past my bedtime because I just can’t turn them off.  
Now you can have that same Olympic spirit in your own workouts!  My latest discovery:  SoFit App!

SoFit stands for Social Fitness and is a gaming app that revolutionizes fitness through social connections, rewards and charitable donations.  The app is free and available on Apple and Android mobile devices.  
I wrote about it a little bit here, so check that out for background.
Today I want to share with you my latest inspiration about SoFit:  3 ways to use SoFit to be as inspired about your workout as you are about the Olympics!
SoFit App is partnering with the Walk A Mile Campaign, which stems from the saying “to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.  The campaign is also supported by the U.S. Department of State and the 2012 London Olympic Games, so you know you are partnering with a large purpose and worthy cause.  Use the app to reach out to your social media friends to sponsor you or your favorite charity for the miles you walk.   Yup, even more motivation to get movin’!  You can also donate to your favorite charity that has partnered with SoFit to raise money through walks.  Of course, all the gifts are tax deductible and can easily be made through PayPal.  Quick, healthy and helpful!
One of the coolest things about SoFit is the functionality of it’s GPS tracking.  With this, not only can you virtually train and compete with friends and celebrities all around the world, but you can virtually participate in athletic competitions regardless of geographic location!  Ever wished you could run the New York Marathon!?  SoFit lets you participate virtually, so no flights, hotels, traffic jams required!
A personalized touch in SoFit is the Dashboard which keeps track of your total distance and total calories burned.  I love being able to log in and see that I’ve burned, say, 350 calories that day!  I can check out my totals for the day, week, month or the entire year and the figures are tailored for my age and weight, which are entered into the app during setup.  No more guess work on how much your workouts are achieving.  Now, all the stats are at my fingertips! 
Try it out!  And let me know how it inspires you!



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