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Bring Christmas to Life With These Santa Apps!

16 Dec , 2016  

Spending Christmas with young kids is really special.  Children have a way of seeing and believing in the magic of the season, and it always inspires me!  That is part of the reason that I LOVE some of the new holiday themed Santa apps that are out now.  I’ve picked three of my favorites to help you fan that flame of magic in a little one’s eye by bringing Santa’s magic to life!

TAKE A PIC: Isn’t it crazy how easily little kids understand how technology works?  Two year olds know how to take pictures on smartphones! So, why not give them visual proof of Santa visiting by catching him in your own house! With the Catch a Character app, you can do just that! This free app for both iPhone and Android lets you add Santa to any picture you take with your phone. You are able to resize Santa so that he fits perfectly next to your tree or chimney.  This app is super simple and keeps the Christmas spirit alive for the little ones.  Plus, after Christmas, you can still use the app because it has other character options to add into pics, including the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny!

TAKE A CALL: If the kids already saw Santa at the mall and you want another idea to get them excited, how about a phone call from Santa?! With the free “Call From Santa!” app for iPhone and Android, you can schedule a time for Santa to call your phone! This app is amazing because it does everything. You are able to enter a child’s name, age and interests so that the message Santa calls with includes those details! The call can talk back and forth with the child, leave voicemails for the child, or even text back and forth! And this digital Santa’s got your back….if a sneaky kid tries to ask what they got for Christmas, Santa will tell them, “It is a secret until the big day!”  Haha, great! The interface is very well done, with great voice acting, so young ones will have no doubt that it is actually Santa!

TAKE A TRIP: We used to travel for Christmas.  If your family is like mine, kids can become stressed that Santa won’t be able to find them when they are away from home. Well, worry no more with Reroute Santa! Reroute Santa is a free website with functionality on a computer or a smartphone. Simply type in the child’s name, address, and where you are actually spending Christmas, and the site will play a little video showing your letter being sent to Santa.  Then, to alleviate all stresses, “Santa” responds with a letter confirming that he knows where to send your presents this Christmas! For those of us with hyper-specific concerns about cyber-safety, the site doesn’t require actual addresses.  You can type “Grandma’s house” instead of an address, and the letter reads perfectly.  Now traveling kids can have peace of mind that Santa is going to be able to deliver their presents on Christmas.

Have you tried these Santa apps or any others?  Do you think they are NAUGHTY or NICE?

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