BRILLIANT OR BOGUS? TINDER Your Way to A Valentine’s Date!

13 Feb , 2013  


Hello lovers and welcome to our second edition of BRILLIANT OR BOGUS!?

I have a few more Valentine’s Day apps for you that I’ll share shortly, but first, I want to get your thoughts!
Usually, I have a nose for successful apps.  Sometimes, though, I hear of an app that sparks my interest, but I am just on the fence about it.  That’s the case with TINDER, a social media app that is getting a lot of buzz now around Valentine’s Day. 

You can think of TINDER like the old “Hot Or Not” site, where users rated strangers’ pictures on if they were attracted to them.  But Tinder brings it to the next level, by alerting people if they “Like” someone who has already “Liked” them.  Then, you begin chatting within the app, with the hope of a spark.
Insta-Date!  Sounds fun, right?  So why am I on the fence?
– The user interface looks pretty slick and simple to engage with.
– It’s anonymous and links to your Facebook (but never posts on your wall), making it simple for users as they don’t have to upload additional images or input data.
– If you are around enough people, could be a fun “real-time” way to break the ice!
– It’s obviously getting popular, Tinder just tweeted that it passed 1 BILLION profile ratings!
– I love a good pun, so the tagline just gets me— “Find someone you CLICK with.”
– Honestly, it could be sleazy.  How many apps are trying to set people up! And of those, so many get filled with creepers?
– If all you are going by is a picture, who is to say that’s what the person actually looks like?
– I just get NERVOUS about people meeting up spontaneously with others that they do not know.  Is this a lawsuit, or worse yet, a heartbreaking news story, waiting to happen?
Sorry to drag down the tone here, folks, but things like this are serious.  I love a good Meetup or EventBrite event, where I get to network with other interesting professionals.  But those are group settings.  Sending teenagers (the most likely users of TINDER) off to meet strangers is another story altogether.
 So what do you think?  Any Tinder users out there?  Is this Brilliant or Bogus??


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