Best Connected Apps of CES

9 Jan , 2015  

A lot of times, when people think of apps, they think solely of their mobile phone.  Well, it’s time to think again.  The big trend at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show is connected apps.  Connected apps have a software portion that downloads onto your phone just like any other app, but then also have a hardware portion, a physical product that is digitally connected to the app and controlled through the app’s features. 

Fitbit is one example of a connected app that many people have become accustomed to.  This year’s CES had so many innovative examples across so many product categories, it was hard to pick just a few.  But, I’ve selected my three favorites for you.
FUZ Designs Noke: 
Pronounced “no key”, this smart lock works just as its name would imply…. with no key.  The lock looks like any other padlock but without the keyhole!  Instead, it links to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, letting users lock and unlock it with just a touch!
Pacifi Smart Pacifer:
A smart pacifier might sound crazy, but it’s real!  The Pacifi Bluetooth-connected pacifier lets parents take their baby’s temperature, record medications and even GPS locate a lost pacifier.  One less headache for a new mommy!
Big Ass Haiku:
Okay, apologies for the crude name, but this one is so useful I had to include it.  This is the world’s most advanced ceiling fan.  With the Haiku fan, the days of guessing how many pulls a fan’s beaded string needs are over!  The Bluetooth connected fan syncs with the Nest Thermostat to keep temperatures where you want them while keeping energy costs down.  Motion censors, LED lights and a predictive learning microprocessor complete the package for this $1000 fan of the future.
Have you seen any other innovative connected apps?  Would love to hear your faves!


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