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This Earbud & App Will Make You OMNI-LINGUAL!

26 May , 2016  

I took classes on different languages when I was in school.  Somehow, I am still not fluent. But, how amazing would it be if you could just skip all the learning and go right to understanding any language you want!? That dream is about to come true.

WaverlyLabs is creating an ear piece that translates different languages into your native tongue with the help of your smart phone. The innovation is called Pilot, and it consists of two ear pieces and a smartphone app that works without the internet. The concept is amazing.  You keep one earpiece, and give the other to someone who speaks a different language.  Now, the entire conversation you have with that person will be translated into each of your ears in real time, completely breaking through the language barrier.  This amazing app highlights how innovative technology can change the world, and how “smart” our little smartphones truly are!  Wow.

Pilot is in development and, when launched, will be priced around $250-300. You can get on the early bird waitlist to get your Pilot as soon as it is released.

The release video that shows how the earbuds will work is pretty awe-inspiring.  Check it out here:

Are you as excited as I am?! Let me know if you would buy one when they come out and where you would want to use it first. Thanks for reading!

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