Baby Names inspired by INSTAGRAM!

2 Dec , 2015  

Lux.  Ludwig.  Valencia.

These words might sound familiar to you for two reasons.
Chances are, you either remember them as the name of your Instagram filter, or of your friend’s new baby!
According to the list of top baby names of 2015 (released by earlier today), there has been a huge rise in baby names inspired by technology (remember the baby named “Hashtag” a few years ago!?), and a surge more specifically in names inspired by Instagram filters!
What’s your favorite filter?  Perhaps it is “Ludwig“, which is also a baby boy name that has risen in popularity, up 42% from last year.  “Lux“, another filter name, is up 75% since last year!  And for girls, “Juno” and “Valencia” have both risen in popularity almost 30% since last year!
To be honest, I kind of like all these names!  The fact that they are photo filters on Instagram is a little silly, but the names themselves are quite pretty.
What do you think?  Is this a stupid fad or a great way to get inspiration for a baby name?


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