Post by: Meredith Red


Ever been HeyTell-ed? The Latest Verb-ified App!

29 Feb , 2012  

My ears really perk up when people start using app names as action verbs.  Major brands have been able to make this transition- Xxerox, Google and Facebook to name a few- and it seems to signify a game-changing type of product or service.  


Film Awards App Gives Movie Buffs More Access!

24 Feb , 2012  

Whether you’re watching to see which movies to add to your “Must See” list or which celebrities to add to your “Worst Dressed” list, AT&T;’s Film Awards Interactive App gets you up close to the Academy Awards action this weekend.


Money-Saving Apps- Talk and Text for Free

23 Feb , 2012  

Times are tough and expensive cell phone bills sure don’t help. But one thing that can help is doing a little research on the many money-saving Android and iTunes apps that are available. These are some of the applications that I use on a daily basis. I blame them for my obsession of checking my […]


My Favorite Valentine’s Day Apps for Android

9 Feb , 2012  

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I decided to review the best and funnier apps available for android  and these are the best ones I found:  VALENTINE SCANNER: You and your guygal place a finger tip on the sensing pads and Valentine Scanner will determine the chemistry. There are many possible outcomes. Perfect for your […]