AT&Ts Drive Mode App Review!

6 Nov , 2014  

I could not wait to download this highly anticipated app on my iPhone!  This free app has been available on GooglePlay for a long time.  After testing many inferior apps, I was so excited when AT&Ts; official Drive Mode App became available on iTunes this week (see yesterday’s blog).

Drive Mode can be activated two ways, you can either manually slide the “On” button over or it will automatically turn on when it senses you are traveling over 15MPH.  When activated, the Drive Mode app will immediately stop any alerts coming from the phone that could distract the driver.  While activated, the app responds with an “auto response” (that you can customize) to anyone who texts the driver.  When the app is turned off, all emails, texts and other alerts will pop up so you can respond.
There is also easy access to your music, GPS maps and quick touch phone numbers (including 911 which comes pre-programmed) for your Bluetooth, under the settings page.  The app is highly organic and parents can easily setup alerts if the app is disabled.

I can’t recommend this app enough, especially for those of you who have a compulsive need to stay in touch even when your life is at stake!  #ItCanWait

So many lives are lost every year due to texting and driving.  I cannot stress the importance of downloading Drive Mode (again, it’s free) on to your iPhone or Android today!


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