AT&T Regains the Lead- 3G and 4G Speeds are IMPRESSIVE

18 Apr , 2012  

PCWorld has tested 3G and 4G wireless data transfer speeds at multiple locations in 13 major cities and these are the results they got:

¬†AT&T; is quickly rolling out a 4G LTE network to compete with Verizon’s LTE service, too. So far, the speeds that we’ve recorded for AT&T;’s LTE network are impressive: In the 11 cities in our test group where the service is available, the network delivered an average download speed of 9.12 mbps. That’s about 25 percent faster, on average, than Verizon LTE’s download average of 7.09 mbps in those same ten citiesPCWorld

We did our own speed test with AT&T; in LA and NYC and this is what we got:

You can read the whole PCWorld article HERE.


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