“AT&T Next”- New Smartphone or Tablet Every Year with No Down Payment

18 Jul , 2013  

Get a new device every year with AT&T;

Don’t want to wait for the latest tablet or smartphone?  With exciting new devices coming out every month, keeping up with newest mobile technology can get expensive.  With a new program called “AT&T; Next” customers can get a new device every year with:

·         No down payment
·         No activation fee
·         No upgrade fee
·         No financing fee
For the serious tech gurus, AT&T; Next also offers:
·         Early upgrades – eligible for partial discount after six months or more of a two-year agreement
·         Share an upgrade – with another person on your account within the same device category
·         Trade-in program
·         No-commitment pricing – purchase at full retail price without a two-year service commitment
Available nationwide on July 26, AT&T; Next is another affordable option for customers to choose the device that’s right for them and for their budget.   


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