2 Nov , 2012  

 AT&T; Locker Offers Five Gigabytes of Free Storage

Never lose a photo again – AT&T; Locker, a free and easy-to-use photo and video sharing service for AT&T;* customers, is now available in the App Store.  AT&T; Locker users get 5 GB of storage for free – enough for up to 5,000 average sized photos.

AT&T; Locker provides users the ability to upload images and video to secure online storage and quickly share on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or e-mail.  Users can create and customize albums for photos and video on the device or online from a laptop or home computer.  Customers can also store music and other files in their AT&T; Locker storage. The app is compatible back to iPhone 3GS.

Users can make sure they never lose a photo again with Easy Upload feature, which allows you to automatically upload the photos on your device to the AT&T; Cloud. With AT&T; Locker, users can chose to upload new photos and video via Wi-Fi, wireless or both. Customers can manage those photos and share them through the app on the smartphone or on the AT&T; Locker web page.  AT&T; plans to incorporate additional features in future versions of AT&T; Locker.


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