AT&T Launches AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

13 Nov , 2012  

Tough phones and instant communications – that’s a powerful combination. AT&T;* today announced that its Enhanced Push-to-Talk (PTT) service is available for businesses and organizations of all sizes. With Enhanced PTT, AT&T; customers can communicate faster, to larger talk groups, and across more types of handsets than ever before.

AT&T; Enhanced PTT is designed for 4G LTE from the get-go, while others are still deploying push-to-talk services on legacy CDMA and iDEN networks.
AT&T;’s device lineup for Enhanced PTT provides the right device for the job – for every type of worker and every type of communication. Some of the newest devices in the line-up include:
  • Samsung Rugby® III 
  • Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro™
  • Sonim® XP5560 BOLT

For more information on AT&T; Enhanced PTT visit http://www.att.com/EPTT


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