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Apps To Help In The Thanksgiving Kitchen

26 Nov , 2015  

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for so many things this holiday season!  And to add to the list… here are a few apps for any type of Thanksgiving need!

If you are an easily distracted cook: Thyme (Free on App Store and Google Play)
Thyme is the perfect app for the easily distracted chef.  This is not something to be ashamed of!  Focusing only on food prep during Thanksgiving is not only hard, it keeps you from connecting with family and friends!  So, I’d recommend the Thyme app, which lets you set multiple timers for every dish in a Thanksgiving meal. You get to see the timer countdowns on a beautiful and simple user interface, that looks like an oven range.  It even lets you set an ETA for the entire meal to be served.  No more worrying, just in thyme!
If you are feeling nostalgic: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving app ($6 on Google Play)
This is a pretty cool app of the classic 1973 animated special and uses the same imagery and voiceover work throughout the experience.  The main feature is an interactive storybook experience, full of digital tabs to pull, bowls of food to fill and actions that require a strategic shake of the phone.  The experience will bring out the kid in all of us!
If you are just showing up: Vivino (Free on App Store and Google Play)
Thanksgiving’s biggest faux pas would be showing up empty handed.  This free wine app can help you bring the perfect bottle of wine to the gathering.  Just scan any wine bottle’s label and Vivino magically detects the type, ratings, reviews, average price in your area and other details of the wine.  Later, you can add your rating of the wine and in the future, you’ll get custom recommendations from the app!  Cheers!
What other apps are you counting on to make your Thanksgiving wonderful?

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