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Apps to Give Back

26 Jan , 2017  

Doing better for yourself and others should be at the top of every to-do list. But, sometimes charity can inadvertently get pushed to the bottom. Luckily, a new wave of charity apps are helping us all do some good for the rest of the world. Here are three apps that make giving back fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle!

Charity Miles– Think that you don’t have room in your busy schedule to find time to donate? With the Charity Miles app, you can raise money for a charity while you walk or bike! The app could not be simpler. Just pick a cause you care about and choose either biking or walking. Users are sponsored by a partner organization and the longer you exercise, the more money you raise for your good cause! The app lets you learn more about each charity option to help you choose which to fund. The app is free for both iPhone and Android. Now everyone can feel great being healthy and helping at the same time!

Donate a Photo– If taking selfies is more your style, Johnson & Johnson has made giving back as easy as taking a pic! The Donate a Photo app lets you just snap a picture a day and J&J will donate a dollar to your cause! It almost seems too easy, right? The idea is certainly catching on though, to date almost 2 million photos have been shared, raising as much money for charity. Donate a Photo is free for both iPhone and Android so there’s no reason to not put your selfies to good use!

ItsDeductible–  While doing good can be its own reward… it is also tax deductible! Now you can easily track all your donations with ItsDeductible. The app helps you track every kind of donation: items, money and even fuel mileage you donated. The interface records where you donated, what the specific items were, and even helps you know how much each item will save you! Like maybe that bird feeder donated to the Salvation Army is $4, while your old saxophone could save you $136! The best part is that this app can easily connect to your tax software like TurboTax or Quickbooks! The app is free for iPhone, so you can give, back and save this tax season!

What are your favorite charities to donate to? I hope you are inspired to start giving back in a whole new way!

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