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Apps to get you Rocking Around The Christmas Tree!

17 Dec , 2015  

Warm fireplaces and snowy nights can help get anyone in the Christmas spirit.  But it can be a bit harder when it is 60 degrees outside and rainy!  So I suggest you turn to your smartphone and download a couple apps that will help you rock out with Christmas spirit no matter the weather!


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear!”  This ELF movie quote is one of my faves.  But sometimes your phone’s volume just doesn’t let you sing loud enough! No problem. AmpMe is a free app that lets you have instant surround sound speakers! The app syncs multiple phones (works with both iPhone and Android systems) to play the same song at the same time. Simply pick a phone to host the party and have everyone else join in the app. Instant amplification!

Christmas RADIO

Now that you’ve got a way to play music, you probably need some songs! But, no one wants to be stuck as the party’s DJ all night.  With the free Christmas RADIO app you can select radio stations that feature every type of Christmas music you can think of from Christmas classics, country, rock and jazz. And since it’s radio, you can just pick a station and you’ll be rockin’ around the Christmas tree in no time!


You may have heard of JibJab before, the site has been around for awhile.  But now, beware! The hilarious video-making site is now an app and it’s as addicting as ever!  The app lets you create funny messages “starring” you and your friends. Choose from different dancing figures and add your groups’ faces to watch them dance and sing to the music. Then, send your creations to your distant friends to let them know that everyone is thinking of them.  A simple and free way to spread holiday cheer?  Yes, please!

Now get festive with friends before the Christmas season ends!

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