Apps For Grandparent’s Day!

8 Sep , 2013  

Today is Grandparents Day and a great reminder to focus on
intergenerational connections.  So whether you ARE a grandparent or you are
simply trying to use technology to better connect with your grandparent, we
have a couple apps that can do exactly that!


*RxmindMe** Prescription (Free)*
This app is very handy and makes it easy to remember to take your
medications.  Custom reminders that are simple for even a tech novice to
set up and lets you set up for pills needing to be taken at different time
intervals.  The app even counts down how many pills you have left so you
know when it’s time to refill!

*Tango (Free)*
Let’s consider Tango the lesser known cousin of Skype.  But, I recommend it
here for a few reasons.  First, it is compatible with more devices than
Skype, so even if Grandma and Grandpa aren’t up on the latest devices, they
can still participate!  Also, the user interface is very clean and easy to
understand.  Try Tango for video chats with Grandma and Grandpa if you
can’t connect in person!

*Grumpy Grandpa (Free Version or .99 cent version)*
Okay, I admit this one is a bit silly.  But it is also hilarious!  Remember
those voice apps that were really popular a few years ago? Like the talking
cat or the repeating parrot?  Well, this is like those, but – yeah, you
guessed it – with a Grandpa.  The thing that makes it funny is it really
does sound like my Grandpa.  Gives me flashbacks of him shouting to us “Get
off the lawn!”.  Grumpy Grandpa is a good download if you are in the mood
for a little chuckle!

Do you use any other apps to connect with your grandma/ grandpa or grandkids?
Let us know!

And Happy Grandparents Day!


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