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Apples to Apples, Family Favorite Board Game, Turns Free App

18 Jul , 2015  

Everyone’s favorite game night option just went digital!  Apples to Apples has been making family and friends laugh at game nights for years.  But you can now enjoy this classic on your smartphone!  The free app plays much like the physical card game.  Communal adjective “green apple” cards can be matched with noun-based “red apple” cards, and a judge selects which pairing is the “best” (or funniest or weirdest) each round.  The app lets you play with up to five friends and offers some awesome features lie customizing which card packs are in play, including ones focused on geography, animals or history.
So, here is what I want to know.  How would YOU play digital Apples to Apples?  On social media, some are chatting about playing it remotely – think like Words with Friends did for Scrabble.  Part of the fun of Apples to Apples, though, was to be able to laugh and explain your card pairings in person.  What do you think?  Will you play digital Apples to Apples remotely or just when you are actually with your friends?

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