App of The Year

1 Jan , 2015  

With all the “Best Of” lists that come out during New Year’s, you can bet that my favorite is Best Of Apps!  I love seeing which new apps people consider the best of the year.  Usually, there are a lot of the standard apps on the list.
But Apple released their 2014 “App of the Year” and it’s not what you would think!!

The winner is…

Yeah, Elevate.  There really had not been that much buzz about Elevate in social media so many were shocked by this pick.  I tend to agree…. Elevate would probably not be on App Chick’s “App of the Year” list.  Apple likely picked it because it has a social purpose of improving cognitive skills.  And if that is the case, I have to say, kudos!

Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve focus, memory and other cognitive skills.  Trust me, guys, I love Candy Crush (last year’s #1 app) just as much as the next app-obsessed gal, but let’s face it: games like that are a bit mind-numbing.  That’s the reason I am excited about Elevate and other brain-training game (Luminosity is the other big player in this space, but is not an app-only program).

What do you think of Elevate as Apple’s pick for App of the Year?  If you were making the “App of the Year” list, what would come out on top?


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