App Chick Blog: March Madness is HERE!

19 Mar , 2015  

Let the MADNESS begin!

It’s March Madness and that means a whole lot of basketball for a whole lot of people!
And whether your excitement level for March Madness is at a TEN, a ONE or somewhere in between, I’ve got the perfect app for you!

EXCITEMENT LEVEL 10:  I’m playing hooky from work today!
APP: FanCake
(Free for iOS)
For the March Madness aficionado, you HAVE do download FanCake.  This app is a live social game that rewards you for watching sports on TV!  With FanCake, you can watch real-time games and follow along with curated social content as you watch.  Whether it’s predicting the next play, checking out your fave sportscaster’s thoughts or winning credits to redeem for gift cards, FanCake seems to have it all!
EXCITEMENT LEVEL 6:  Cool, but I’m at work all day.
APP: Bracket the Madness
(Free for iOS and Android)

Bracket the Madness is an extremely user-friendly app that lets you build brackets, create pools and be social with everything you are doing through Facebook and social media.  The app provides all game details and updates so you don’t have to look anywhere else!  My favorite part is a little friendly trash-talking in the app’s internal message board.
EXCITEMENT LEVEL 2:  What’s March Madness?
APP: iBasket
(Free for iOS)
Don’t worry if you know absolutely nothing about basketball or March Madness.  While it can be a fun time for anyone, I won’t leave you out!  You can get in the spirit with this fun game on your phone.  iBasket is a super addictive, timed game that is hugely popular right now.  It is #3 app in US and has been downloaded over 15 million times worldwide! So you can be shooting your own “hoops”, while others are crying over their broken brackets!
Now, tell me your predictions!  Who is your favorite for March Madness champion!?


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