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Amazing Night Sky Events!

10 Apr , 2017  

When life is busy, it can be easy to forget that there is a beautiful night sky right above us! This week, I’m encouraging us all to utilize our awesome technology to help us LOOK UP! That is, to stay on top of cool astrological events like full moons and meteor showers!

The first chance for this comes tomorrow April 11, because there’s a full moon! And to top that off, next weekend, April 22-23 we will be able to view a meteor shower! Just think of how many people won’t know and will completely miss out! I found out from an out-of-this-world website called where you can “explore the splendors of the sea and the wonders of the universe.” Check out this link to its Astronomy Calendar for 2017, which has dates for everything from eclipses to full moons. The site even provides interesting facts about each event. For example, tomorrow’s full moon has been called “the Sprouting Grass Moon” because it falls in spring. How’s that for water cooler talk!?

Now that you’re updated on all astrological events and ready to stargaze, make sure you download one more app first! SkyView Free is an amazing app that uses your location and camera to give a virtual-reality map of the stars around you! Think Pokémon Go, but for the night sky! Within the app, looking around with your phone’s camera will allow you to find the constellations you are looking for.  So, when you read that next weekend’s meteor shower will be viewable close to the constellation “Lyra”, you’ll find it in no time! SkyView Free is for both iPhone and Android, so everyone can stargaze together!

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Enjoy your stargazing!

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