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Alexa Has a New Job: Fashion Advisor!

12 May , 2017  

How many times have you stared aimlessly at your closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear,” despite it being filled with hundreds of different options? Yeah… me too. Well, the popular AI assistant, Alexa, has a new job that is meant to help you in that exact moment: Fashion Advisor.

Yes, Amazon is set to release a new version of the Echo, called Echo Look, which adds a front-facing camera to the device. The camera will allow users to capture full-body shots of their different outfits and have Alexa report back which looks best. Users can see every angle of their outfit and the device even comes with different lighting settings! The images are uploaded into a catalog that can store each article of the user’s clothing. Then, the “stylist” will have the ability to narrow down which outfit looks best, helping make getting dressed each morning a little easier.  The Echo Look will also show suggestions of new clothes that pair well with clothes users already own. Of course, these items will then be able to be ordered directly and immediately through Amazon.

This latest must-have accessory is voice activated through Amazon’s Alexa platform, simplifying the styling process one step further. Amazon is already know for its recommendations algorithms and while having a personal style assistant seems genius… it still brings up some interesting questions. Is it a good idea to have a device that is always listening and watching you, right in your room? What will Amazon be able to know from analyzing the pictures you take? And will the company use that information to try and sell you more products? Spoiler Alert: YES.

Right now the Echo Look is only available by entering to be on the early invite list. You can sign up here.  So, who is in? Would you want a personal Alexa stylist, even if it might record all that you do?


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