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Alarm Apps That Get You Up Right!

19 Jan , 2017  

Waking up in the morning can be a real struggle. Often, getting out of bed on time is incredibly important: early flights, business meetings and that yoga class at the gym at you told yourself you wouldn’t miss again! Well, no more snoozing and losing! Check out these alarm apps that are sure to have you on time, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

AlarmMon– Hitting the snooze button can be too easy- let’s make shutting off that alarm a bit harder! With AlarmMon, silencing your alarm requires using that sleepy brain of yours. The app works by waking you up with an alarm and a game that must be completed before you can shut the alarm off! Until then, you’re not even able to turn down the volume! If you complete the game fast enough, you earn points to unlock new games for future mornings. AlarmMon is free for both iPhone and Android so everyone can get their “game on” in the morning!

Alarmy– Not everyone is looking to play games first thing in the morning. Some people just need to get out of bed or have that first cup of coffee. Alarmy gives you three different options on tasks to complete in order to turn off the alarm. My personal favorite requires me to physically get out of bed, which is often the hardest part of all! You can choose the “take a picture” alarm option that requires that you snap a pic of a specific object in your house (that you pre-set the night before.) I recommend using things like the coffee maker or the bathroom sink because it will force you up and out of your bedroom! The app also has options for shaking the phone a number of times or solving a math problem to shut off the alarm. Alarmy is free for both iPhone and Android so you’ll always be up and at’em!

Sleep Cycle alarm clock– Sometimes its not how you wake up, but when, that makes all the difference to your mornings.  Start waking up at the best time for you with the Sleep Cycle alarm clock! This app tracks your sleeping patterns by using the microphone to analyze your movement in your sleep. Maybe kinda creepy, but also very useful, because in the morning the app will wake you up gently during your lightest sleep phase! There is nothing worse then being ripped awake out of a deep sleep right in the middle of a dream! To ensure this doesn’t happen, and that you are awake in time for your day, users pre-set a half hour window for the alarm to activate. Beyond that, the app does the rest. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is free for both iPhone and Android, so we can all wake up feeling great!

Are you a “snoozer” like me? Let me know how your mornings change when your alarm gives you that extra boost!



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