6 Ways to Be The Bomb At The Prom

25 Apr , 2012  

Your new BFF in planning a dynamite prom is not who you’d expect.  From finding a date to picking your outfit, your mobile device is going to be the one-stop shop to make your prom night even more magical.

Desperate for a Date
Need a little confidence boost to ask that special someone to be your prom date or for a slow dance?  Check out Ask2Dance ($1.99 for iPhone) then let the romance flow!
Ditch Your Date
Don’t freak out if your date turns out to be horrendous.  Play it cool with ShakeNFake ($0.99 for iPhone).  As the name suggests, simply shake your phone to make it look like you are receiving a call.  Set the fake call to show a name, phone number, and picture so you’ll be sure to fool the dud you’re trying to ditch!
Get the Best ‘Do
“Try on” different hairdos with PromHairstyles (Free for iPhone).  Save your favorite and bring the image in to your stylist to have her duplicate for the big night. 

End Stress Over The Dress
Picking a prom dress can be daunting!  Get some help keeping track of options, accessories and details. iPromDress ($1.99 for iPhone) lets you save favorite dresses digitally and include specifics such as designer, price, color, and neckline for easy comparison.  A free and similar app is PromGuide (Free for iPhone and Android) which can direct you to nearby stores that sell your favorite styles.  If you are trying to keep track of multiple outfits for more than one dance (lucky you!), try iFrockUp (Free for iPhone) which includes countdowns for multiple dates and allows you to mix and match accessories to different dresses to create a new look for each prom. MakeYour Phone A Smart Accessory

With customized skins and cases, you can turn any device into a show-stopping accessory!  Use SKINIT.COM to create an exact color match case for your device and even import graphics and designs to match your wardrobe for the night.  Or try out LETSCRYSTALIT.COM to add jewels and crystals to a case for a sparkly touch.
Book Dinner Reservations
Start your night off right with UrbanSpoon (Free for iPhone and Android) to book your pre-prom dinner reservation.  Use the restaurant generator to find options based on price point, type of food, or location. 


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