3rd Annual ST. PATRICK’S DAY App Showcase!

16 Mar , 2015  

Howya, all ye young lads!
Okay, okay, I need to work on my Irish lingo, but I don’t have much time because St. Patty’s Day is almost here!  As the Irish and Irish-wanna-bes across the nation stock up on green beer and lime jello, I’ve got a couple apps for you to check out to make sure you have everything ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Turns out, the Irish have some pretty unique ways of saying things!  Brush up on them using this slang dictionary.  You definitely want to know what people mean when they talk about “the jacks”!
CELTIC KNOTS (free version available on iTunes and Google Play)
A fun game with almost 100 celtic knots that you must use logic to put back together.  The game is fun, challenging and strangely therapeutic!!
ST. PATRICK’S DAY TREATS (free iTunes/Google Play)


If you want to go true Irish style, you’ll need some homemade treats!  Check out this app for authentic recipes like Irish Potatoes or Corned Beef that will have your friends shouting “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!”
YELP (Free iTunes/Google Play)
I KNOW, we talk about Yelp so much.  But for St. Patrick’s Day there is really no better way to check out the closest Irish bar to wherever you are!
Know anymore awesome St. Patty’s Day Apps?  Share in comments below!  Also, check out previous year’s St. Patrick’s Day Features here and here!


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