Sending Holiday Cards Just Got Easier

6 Dec , 2012  

Fa La La La La
Oh, its the holiday season and everywhere is filled with joy! Well, almost everywhere. I will tell you one place that is NOT filled with holiday joy. The post office. It seems the post office is never filled with any kind of joy. I went there yesterday to get some holiday stamps. I entered with a skip in my step and left feeling grouchy and miserable.

Is it the long lines? The lack of customer service?  The employee who takes a cell phone call in the middle of a transaction or another who puts up the “Closed” sign with 10 people still waiting in the queue?  All I know is I’m not going back.?  

So I thought for a moment I would just write off the tradition on holiday cards. After all, I never want to visit the post office again.  Plus there is all that writing and address searching.  Too much hassle!
But, you know me, I didn’t give up without first looking to technology. And of course… there’s an app for that! Or several, actually.  And they even go to the post office for you!

Consider these apps that I guarantee will get you back in the holiday mood immediately. 

Red Stamp offers a variety of holiday templates – from Christmas to Hanukkah. Users can customize the templates by adding a photo from their phone and typing a message. You can then choose your delivery method! Through the app, you can send via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter or US mail! The app also keeps a checklist so you can track who you send cards to!
COST: The app and any digital deliveries are free. Sending via US mail ranges from $0.49 to $1.99 a card with the postage included.


A more elegant selection by Apple Cards offers letter pressed cards in heavy cotton paper envelopesall through your phone. Like Red Stamp, the app contains templates on which you add a photo and write a message. Add addresses from your phone and you are ready to go.
COST: App is free while cards cost $2.99 for delivery within the US (postage included).


Another choice for holiday cards is Sincerely Ink, started by the same folks who introduced Postagram. Same process applies here: upload picture, add message, upload address and voila!  Sincerely Ink is great for last minute cards because the cards get to the recipient anywhere from three to seven days after you hit send. So if you get cards from some folks that you haven’t sent, they will never know they weren’t on your original list.  Or, if you are like me and sometimes decide at the list minute that it would add to your holiday joy to send a warm greeting to friends and family, just turn to Sincerely Ink.  
COST: App is free. $1.99 per card within the US (postage included), with bulk rates at about $1.69 per card.


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